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Fowler Avenue at I-75 (interchange improvements, completed November 2001)

Project Description

Financial Project # 258455
Project Length: 1.2 miles
Construction Cost: $1.8 million
Contractor: APAC - Florida, Inc.
Start Date: September 4, 2001
November 2001

About this Project
The Florida Department of Transportation undertook this project to improve the access to Interstate 75 at Fowler Avenue (State Road 582).

Improvement highlights for this project included:

  • Milled and resurfaced Fowler Avenue (between the Hillsborough River and the Tampa Bypass Canal) and the I-75 interchange ramps to/from Fowler Avenue.
  • Added a lane to the ramp that goes from eastbound Fowler Avenue to southbound I-75.
  • Realigned the ramp from westbound Fowler Avenue to southbound I-75 to allow for a smoother merge with the eastbound Fowler Avenue ramp traffic.
  • Widened northbound Morris Bridge Road at Fowler Avenue to accommodate a left turn lane, a through-lane, and a right turn lane.
  • Constructed shoulders as needed along Fowler Avenue, Morris Bridge Road, and the I-75 ramps.