About TOPS

Teen Online Problem Solving

Teen Online Problem Solving was developed by award-winning traumatic brain injury expert, psychologist Dr. Shari Wade. The Family Problem Solving Therapy delivered in the TOPS program is an evidence-based intervention and the current standard of care for adolescents with traumatic brain injuries.

In this program you will hear about how brain injury can affect adolescents and their families. 

You will learn skills to support recovery such as staying positive, working through problems, and communicating with others. 

These skills will help you handle the challenges you face, whether or not they are related to your injury.

This website has two basic sections:


– 9 core sessions to be completed in order

– 11 supplemental sessions focusing on special concerns

– A closing session to help plan for the future

Problem Solving

– Use the steps of problem-solving you learned in Session 3 to develop plans to achieve your Aims.

– Refine your plans and work on new aims every week.

– Evaluate how well your plan is working.