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Programa en Línea de Resolución de Problemas para Adolescentes (TOPS - Teen Online Problem Solving Program)

Un enfoque para la resolución de problemas para enfrentar las dificultades que causan las lesiones cerebrales

Cómo funciona TOPS

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Cómo funciona TOPS


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This program includes 10 core sessions providing information about recovery from brain injury and training in how to manage challenges.

Adolescents complete the sessions with their parents and learn how to apply the skills in their everyday lives.

Supplemental sessions provide information about specific topics, such as seizures or pain, that may not be relevant for everyone.


Resolver tus problemas

This section allows you to develop a step by step plan for solving your problems and reaching your aims.

Return here to evaluate how well your plan is working.


Hacer seguimiento del progreso

Keep track of the sessions you have completed and the aims that you have reached.